Create, produce, and supply paper and wood import-substituting products that are competitive on the domestic and foreign markets, and meet the requirements and expectations of interested parties.

Take a leading position in the industry, delivering high-quality innovative products to the market.

Our strategic goal in the field of quality is to take a leading position in the industry, supplying the market with high-quality paper, cardboard and woodworking products that meet the requirements and expectations of interested parties for sustainable profit and development of the enterprise. The activities of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” in the field of quality management are aimed at implementing the strategy set out in the Business plan, in accordance with the purpose defined in the company’s Charter, taking into account annually updated risks, while strictly complying with legal and other applicable requirements. Main directions of implementation of the quality policy: Creation, maintenance of acceptability, continuous improvement of the quality management system in accordance with STB ISO 9001-2015 in relation to the production of wrapping paper, wood fuel pellets; development and production of newsprint paper, printing paper, thin newsprint paper, tinted newsprint paper, packaging paper from thermomechanical pulp, base paper for decorative facing materials, offset paper,  bleached bag packaging paper, printing paper, white cardboard “liner”; design, development and production of timber, profile parts, glued beams; design, development, production and installation of sets of frame-panel houses, houses made of glued beams and sets of small architectural forms, increase customer satisfaction, taking into account the needs, requests and expectations of interested parties. Increase in production volumes and ensure sustainable profit by reducing costs and expenses in the procurement, production and sale of products. Implementation of strategic and operational business planning based on consumer requirements, legislative and other mandatory requirements. Strengthening the enterprise position in existing markets and development of new markets for products. Use of modern technologies and technical equipment of production to improve products and expand their range. Improvement of existing construction methods that ensure the quality of works performed. Creating favorable and safe working conditions, improving staff skills to solve current and future tasks. Development of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with external suppliers in order to provide production with high-quality raw materials, components and services.

RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” is a young modern, high-tech enterprise for the production of newsprint paper and lightweight coated paper, prefabricated panel houses, houses made of glued beams. The priority task of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” is to ensure occupational health and safety in order to preserve the life, health and efficiency of employees in the production of high-quality products. Guided by the principle of continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system and its effectiveness as an integral part of the enterprise management as a whole, the top management of RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” considers the main directions of the enterprise’s policy in the field of occupational health and safety are:
The maintenance of the enterprise’s procedures for ongoing hazards identification, risk assessment and provision of necessary measures for their management;
Compliance with legislative and other regulatory legal acts, technical regulations in the field of occupational health and safety, collective agreement, agreements and other requirements that are assumed by our enterprise;
Provision of financial resources, equipment and materials for implementation of collective agreement, agreements, plans of actions for loccupational health and safety, preventing work-related fatalities, injuries, and illnesses, improvement of working conditions, sanitary facilities, medical treatment and preventive treatment services to employees;
Informing all employees that the health and safety at each workplace, in a structural subdivision and in society as a whole – is the responsibility of everybody;
Creation of awareness and improvement of the competence of employees in the field of occupational health and safety through the improvement of process of training, retraining and advanced training on the protection of workers and specialists of different levels;
Interaction and close cooperation with trade unions and other organisations in implementing state policy in the field of labour protection, the promotion of public control over observance of legislation about occupational health and safety;
Increasing the level of cultural production, aimed at solving technical and social costs exemplary maintenance jobs, equipment, territories and buildings;
Analysis of HSEMS at planned intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, conformity and effectiveness.